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Fun in the Sun Workout for Partners

by Rebecca on May 2, 2013

Exercising with a partner is a great way to help you stay motivated. So, grab a family member or a friend and have some fun with these partner exercises:

Note: The video below demonstrates all the exercises listed. I have added some description on a few of the them as it may not be obvious as to what we are doing just by watching.

  1. Push up / high 5
  2. Bear walk mirrors: One partner is the leader. As partner ‘A’ moves forward, back, left and right, partner ‘B’ mirrors his/her movements.
  3. Stairway Push ups
  4. Elevated push ups / Squats
  5. Back to back resistance chair sit walk: While partner ‘A’ walks backwards, partner ‘B’ adds resistance by pushing back into ‘A’
  6. Side to side jump overs: Partner ‘A’ gets into a plank either on hands or elbows. Partner ‘B’ jumps side to side.
  7. Bench press / Push up
  8. Hip up switches
  9. Foot wars: The objective with this exercise is to either a) get your partner to fall backwards or b) pin their feet to the ground (clearly Mike is better at this than I am!)
  10. Roman chair sit ups: Hook your feet on your partner’s legs
  11. Leg throws: Don’t allow your feet to touch the ground. Partner pushes legs down in the center and also to the left and right. Bring your feet back to the middle before bringing them back up when they are pushed to the side. Once you get the hang of it, have your partner make it random so you don’t know where your legs will get pushed down.
  12. Hanging sit ups: Be sure to keep your chin tucked to your chest just in case you lose grip with your ankles!

BONUS exercise:

  • Monkey round the tree: The objective of this exercise is to climb around your partner (the tree) without touching the ground. It helps to have a good solid ‘tree!’

Mike and I had a lot of fun doing these exercises together. Be sure to switch roles on each of the exercises that require doing something different than your partner.

Be sure to watch this all the way to the end to see the outtakes!

I have a lot more partner exercises so I’ll be sure to share another video some other time featuring more fun stuff!

Have fun!

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  1. You guys rock! I loved it! You both are always inspiring:)

  2. Manahere Tene permalink

    Your gym is a lot nicer than ours! Thanks! Some great excercises

    • Rebecca permalink

      I do love exercising outdoors! Thanks for watching!

  3. Ellen permalink

    Love it! My role models!

  4. Michelle Cloutier-Hunt permalink

    Two words come to mind when I watch the two of you…..motivation and inspiration…..great video and nice workout….not too sure if hubby and I could do it at this time but maybe someday….dogs are a little wild, eh?

    • Rebecca permalink

      Thanks Michelle! Some of exercises can be modified to make it a bit easier to start. I have a lot more partner exercises in my ‘bag’ and some are easier than these. I’ll work on making a video of these soon I hope. Yes, the dogs were a little crazy. The white one was apparently feeling frisky and the black one obviously wasn’t in the mood. lol!

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