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Rock scrambling

by Rebecca on March 7, 2013

One of the things that Mike and I enjoy doing is scrambling along a rocky shoreline or hopping from one rock to another in a shallow stream. Rock scrambling allows you to choose your own path, giving you the choice to find an easier route or a more challenging one. Can you guess which routes Mike and I like to choose?

Rock scrambling is not only fun to do while taking in the picturesque scenery, it can at times be a great full body workout testing both balance and coordination.

As a bonus, there is always a chance to do some random exercises along the way!

From → StengthPLUS!

  1. Bob permalink

    Will you and Mike adopt me? I can cook.

  2. Bruce permalink

    I cook better then Bob and I can scrape a hull…. :)

    I can’t even remotely do any of the poses you have demonstrated….

    • Rebecca permalink

      Bob & Bruce: Cook and scrape the hull? Wow, that is so tempting!

  3. Noreen permalink

    One of my favourite past tmes on the beach is being on the rocks but our excercises are not as strenuous – yet. Great Rebecca you are still my inspiration. Like the new cozzy.

  4. thomas pflaum permalink

    I’m looking for island (Caribbean? Hawaii?) with rocky coastline just like your photos, because I love scrambling on those sorts of rocks and boulders. Where are those photos taken? Can you suggest island with lots of coastline like those shown in your photos? Many thanks.

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